Wheel Cards are a collection of 10,000 "Rollie" Digital Cards (NFT)— unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum & Binance blockchain. Your Rollie acts as a life-time ticket to enter the stadium and enjoy wheelchair sports with fellow Rollie owners. The stadium will host various wheelchair games including but not limited to wheelchair racing games, basketball games, and many more in the future.

Moreover, we will strive to allow Rollie owners to enjoy exclusive perks such as exclusive merchandises, exclusive youtube channel to communicate with our disabled artists, wheelchair sports game and member-only access physical center in the future.

Fair Distribution

There are no bonding curves here. Buying a Rollie costs 0.1 ETH or 200 BUSD. There are no price tiers; Life-time Wheel Cards Stadium pass costs the same for everyone. If you are experiencing any financial difficulties, please talk to us on twitter. We will see what we can do to give you a free Rollie, because we believe everyone deserves a Rollie and start a conversation about wheelchairs.

*The first trench of 1,000 Rollies will have 50% early birds discount.


All Rollies are unique and precious. We modeled Rollies after pioneers of the Disability Rights Movement in the United States which led to the American with Disabilities Act. We wanted to celebrate and show homage to the pioneers who sacrificed their lives for the betterment of others.

Rollies will be released in 10 different tranches, each tranche with 1,000 Rollies. Once all Rollies are released, the traits of the Rollies are going to be public.

The Rollies are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain and hosted on IPFS. (See Record and Proof.)


We’re doing this project to promote more conversations about wheelchairs and destigmatize wheelchairs. We will update our Rollie holders via videos on our twitter accounts about the progress. We want to thank everyone to share this dream all together.

Google Map Participation Free NFT airdrop — 100 rollies (1%)
10% SOLD
Hire one disabled NFT Artist.
20% SOLD
Merchandise t-shirt.
25% SOLD
Start Developing Premium GIF-ified Rollie.
30% SOLD
Host Wheelchair artists, musicians, business owners, and promote their work (future collab) exclusive perks to Rollie holders
—— digital lounge login by holding rolly; shop discounts/ perks.
40% SOLD
Reach-out to Paralympics teams to collab and come up with a game.
50% SOLD
Details of donation; **potentially drop DAO tokens to Rollie holders so that you can vote to decide disability/wheelchair organizations to donate to
70% SOLD
Rollie ETF launch.
**Details will be announced later.
90% SOLD
Begin working on wheelchair sports game.
100% SOLD
Open the NFT Creator Center (NCC).
**the NFT Creator Center will be a physical location where NFT creators can collaborate and have fun regardless of your disabilities. Possible locations are: NYC, Boston, SF, LA, Seoul, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai & more.